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G&M State Health and Law Library (SHALL™)

In an industry where staying compliant with the laws and rules is paramount, keeping yourself up to date with all applicable requirements can be a challenging endeavor and a lack of knowledge can lead to elevated risk.

Let G&M’s State Health and Law Library (SHALL™) help build your knowledge and reduce your risk.

Managed and maintained by G&M’s legal research team, SHALL™ keeps you up to date on the most relevant state and federal laws and regulations that pertain to the pharmaceutical industry. From state licensing to sample theft/loss reporting requirements, mid-level practitioner sampleability to disclosure laws, SHALL’s™ user friendly experience brings it all to you.  SHALL™ presents subject matter in a manner that does not require a legal degree for the reader to understand the nuances contained within the laws. Whether it is the concise law synopsis sections or our industry leading summary grids, SHALL™ breaks down laws into straight forward formats to enable you to make educated business decisions.

In addition to the laws currently enforced, SHALL™ provides you with up to date information regarding pending legislation that states have introduced.  Our legal research team ensures our clients are updated throughout the legislation process so there are no surprises.

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