Stat ✔ ™

 Calculate your own Significant Loss Threshold with Stat ✔ ™

As the published factors and guidance provided by FDA raise more questions than answers, the determination of the appropriate standard for “significant loss” has been largely left to the industry to determine on its own. Let G&M take the guesswork out of your Significant Loss determination with Stat ✔™, our industry leading Significant Loss Threshold (SLT) application.

Stat ✔™ was developed utilizing G&M’s proprietary methodology which takes the following into account:

  • Research of the relevant rules and regulations
  • FDA guidance and factors published with respect to PDMA requirements
  • G&M’s expert experience in sales representative sample management programs
  • Statistical and predictive modeling approach
  • Market Research on products

Stat ✔™ provides you with flexibility to generate your SLT in a moment’s notice, should you have any substantial changes in your sampling practices.

Customizable dashboards provide you with a quick view of company trends for thefts and losses as well a historical look at your SLT Determinations.

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